Expat service

Expat service

Being a home to many international organisations, The Hague hosts a large international community of expat employees and their families. Westendorp & Partners Advocaten is proud to offer all necessary legal services to that community.  

Westendorp & Partners Advocaten covers a wide range of the legal spectrum. Our firm is therefore able to advise, litigate and mediate in the best manner possible. Guiding our clients through the legal fields and enabling them to make their way in a country they do not know best yet. Several lawyers have lived abroad and are fully aware of the expat lifestyle. 

The ‘lean and mean’ size of Westendorp & Partners Advocaten makes it possible to work fast and efficient. Our lawyers have a hands-on mentality and aim for a close working relationship with every client. The lawyers speak fluent English, French, German, Turkish and basic Spanish. 

Our lawyers have excellent knowledge of Dutch legislation and regulations. For example:

  • Real estate law
  • Employment law
  • Family law
  • Administrative law
  • Criminal law

Please contact mr. Ad Westendorp or mr. Celebi for information and support. Our office is situated in the heart of the international zone and amidst most embassies.